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” At Crux Transformers, high quality delivers the best performance. We create efficiency, safety, and the best products for our valuable clients. “

World Class experts in Transformer Technology

A transformer is an electrical device that takes electricity of one voltage and adjusts it to another voltage. It changes electricity from high to low voltage to change the strength and to fit the safe and necessary amount for the given outlet.

Crux Transformers is a high-tech manufacturing company, which specializes in multiple types of power transformers. Our team is advanced in production and testing equipment’s, as all engineers and employees are experts in the transformer field. Our safe products, reliable qualities, and competitive prices have contributed to the fast growth and expansion of our company.

Crux Transformers has built its reputation on dependable equipment, a reliable team, and incomparable services. Our commitment to our customers has contributed in the building of our reputation and growth as a company.

Our products meet all national and international specifications. We prioritize individual’s health and the surrounding environment. Our team carefully plans, and follows up on operations at given facilities. We are always looking for ways to improve, and make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in transformers.

We provide exceptional services for power users

At Crux Transformers, we specialize in Motor re-winding, repairing and servicing. We cater to all your needs of overhauling and the testing of AC/DC Motors/ alternators for any electrical MV/LV machines.